Introducing our Iona motorised roller blinds with smart device connection.

Precise engineering motorised roller blinds

Smart Motorised Roller Window Blinds

Our Iona motorised roller blinds integrate seamlessly into homes, helping with daily routine and everyday scenarios. . Motorised blinds conveniently revolutionise how we manage light and privacy. When motorised roller blinds are connected with smart devices, they create a safe, comfortable and a more energy-efficient environment.

Energy Saving:
Maximise heat retention or keep interiors cool – while home or away.

Motorised blinds enhance child safety with the elimination of cords.

Smart Home
Smart living with voice control options when paired with smart home controls including Alexa.


Complete comfort and control

Homes are becoming ‘smarter’ with the integration of smart devices, apps and innovative gadgets created for almost all elements of the home. Smart home integration is simple with the Somfy Connectivity Kit. Manage Iona roller motors from your smart phone. The Somfy Connectivity Kit allows you to integrate control of your home’s automated features.

Multiple blinds can be programmed to operate independently or in a group so all blinds move together

Futurise Your Home
The rechargeable Iona motor integrates seamlessly into your roller blind, sleek and discrete and removing the need for mains wiring.

Set timers that link with other scenarios in your smart home app for complete automated living.

Alexa Control
Fully control the opening and closing blinds via Alexa